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Pilates For Sport Including Golf, Cricket, Football, Rugby, Running, Skiing & TennisPilates For Sport Including Golf, Cricket, Football, Rugby, Running, Skiing & Tennis

How serious are you about your sport?

Welcome to Sport Core Strength, the world of Pilates core training techniques to improve your game from the inside. Why is Pilates core training so important for sport, and why does everyone now realise just how important core training is? The answer is that Pilates builds a foundation of strength and flexibility that creates a better balanced body. It compliments sports training because:

it is an overall fitness builder
it builds body awareness and focus
it can correct muscle imbalances due to one-sided training
it can be used as a restorative process as well as for rehabilitation

Whether you are a professional sportsman or woman, or you enjoy sport as a hobby at whatever level, Sport Core Strength can improve your performance. We offer specific Pilates core training programs for sports such as golf, football, running, cricket, rugby, tennis and horse-riding, tailor-made for your personal requirements. We have male and female qualified Pilates instructors, who work with clients either on a one-to-one basis, or in small groups, to ensure the personal attention that is necessary to make the maximum improvements possible to your game. The improvements you make will not only benefit your sport, but the quality of your everyday life as well.

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